Who is the Ottawa County Sheriff in Ohio?

Who is the Ottawa County Sheriff in Ohio?

Sheriff Steve Kempker
Administration Division

Sheriff Steve Kempker (616) 738-4006
Undersheriff Valerie Weiss (616) 738-4006
Chief Deputy Derek Christensen (616) 738-4004
Captain Dave VanderPloeg (616) 738-4010
Emergency Management (616) 738-4050

Who is the sheriff in Ottawa?

Sheriff Stephen J. Levorchick
Ottawa County Sheriff’s Office | Sheriff Stephen J. Levorchick.

How do I get a police report Ottawa County?

To request a copy of a report, you must submit a written request to our office. This may be submitted using the Ottawa County FOIA Center, via fax, regular mail, or in person.

Are all Ohio sheriff cars the same?

DID YOU KNOW? All Ohio Sheriff’s are required by law to have the same standardized markings for their cruisers. We had 14 new cars marked yesterday that will be going into service once all of the necessary equipment is installed. It takes one hour to complete a car!

What level is Ottawa County under?

Ottawa County is now under a Level Two snow emergency.

What snow level is Sandusky County under?

Sandusky County has upgraded to a Level 2 Snow Emergency.

How long does it take to evict a sheriff in Ontario?

between 1-6 days
How long does a sheriff take to evict a tenant? In every province except for Ontario, it takes between 1-6 days for the sheriff to enforce an eviction. However, in Ontario, due to the backlog of cases in the LTB there is also a high demand for sheriffs to enforce evictions.

What is an enforcement office?

Enforcement officers work for local authorities, civil enforcement agencies and county courts. They have a key role to play in collecting outstanding debts, however they are not debt collectors. Sometimes, this will be by removing possessions from the debtor’s address or by repossessing the property.

What region is Ottawa County Michigan in?

western lower Michigan
Regional Context Ottawa County is located in the center of western lower Michigan and also in the center of the three metropolitan areas of Grand Rapids, Muskegon and Holland.

How do I obtain a police report in Michigan?

To get a police report for a car accident that you were involved in, you can request a copy of the UD-10 Traffic Crash Report from the Michigan State Police or from the local department that investigated the crash. You will need the date and incident number. You will also likely have to pay a small fee.

Are sheriffs elected in Ohio?

Since the early 1800s, Ohio sheriffs have been elected on the county level by the people they serve. By virtue of this process, this office has become the oldest law enforcement position in the United States. It is also the only remaining law enforcement office to be filled through the election method.

Who was the first sheriff in Ohio?

Colonel Ebenezer Sproat
The first Ohio Sheriff of record was Colonel Ebenezer Sproat. He was appointed in 1788 and his jurisdiction covered all of Washington County. In 1788 Washington County consisted of all of eastern Ohio from Lake Erie to the Ohio River.